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No ethical reason to withhold care due to vaccine decisions

Dr. David Andersen, after submitting his Letter to the Editor, “Deny health coverage to COVID anti-vaxxers,” (July 26), should, in my opinion, be immediately stripped of his medical license! Any doctor who would suggest refusing treatment to a patient under any conditions is unethical and pompous.

We have vaccines yet to be fully approved and we have the right to choose (which is fine for other agendas), and he immediately spews a loyalty-to-Trump narrative.

Dr. Andersen, dispose of your medical license and, if you want to play with people's lives, become another useless politician. People have as much right to listen to Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity as you do to listen to flip-flop Dr. Fauci and CNN's Don Lemon.

True Americans believe in the rights we are entitled to under the U.S. Constitution.

Mike Zito


Editor's note: Dr. Andersen did not call for refusing treatment but did call for "laws making it illegal for state governments, the federal government, and private insurance companies to pay for or reimburse any health-related expenses of any person contracting COVID-19 who chose not to be vaccinated for a non-health related reason."



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