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Paying the price for their vaccine ignorance

"How did ‘thinning the herd’ population control become conservative dogma?” (July 19), tries to provide logic to adamant right-wing vaccine opposition. Maybe, but I think rejection of all things science is a conservative original, making one wonder what part of vaccines save lives and human-caused climate change don’t they understand?

While all life everywhere pays the price for their climate change denial, there is a little more justice in conservative vaccine refusal since the return on their ignorance hits closer to home. Numbers do not lie, Fox hosts do, and there is no coincidence that COVID-19 infections are soaring in the least vaccinated locations as the ruthless Delta variant asserts itself.

Eighty percent (four of five: Arkansas, Florida, Louisiana, and Missouri) of regions currently experiencing highest COVID growth rates are not so coincidentally Trump voting Republican strongholds dominated by conservatives (Nevada went Biden). Herd thinning now in progress, please stand by.

Jay Lustgarten




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