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Nation needs brave artists like New London's Joshua Brown

Your editorial, "About that poem," (July 28), was a welcome, if somewhat equivocating, affirmation of the value of the First Amendment right to free speech. I do not mind poems about first love, but I have read and heard hundreds of them, and none have changed my life. The Poet Laureate's job is not that of the bluebird endlessly warbling songs of praise, but that of the storm crow pointing out the fault lines in our structures and warning us of coming storms.

We have a catastrophic mental health crisis in this country. Tens of millions of people have rejected reality in favor of living in fantasy worlds where they are heroes involved in a battle of good versus evil and only their chosen leader can save them from either hell fire or communism, whichever suits their narrative.

Joshua Brown is a young artist in the written and spoken word who has managed to maintain his authenticity in a field rife with fellowship hobos and Master of Fine Arts posers. Our community and our nation needs him and every other brave and honest artist we can find.

Anita Dees

New London


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