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Rearranging groceries? Now? Seriously? Bad call.

Right now most people are stressed to the max because of COVID-19, but then there are those who only add to our stress.

I recently went out to get my groceries and always have a list in order of the aisles. Aisle two is where the soymilk is − or was. I asked an employee where it was and she told me it was where the flowers use to be. Of course! That makes sense!

The store was changing where the items would be. As the saying goes, timing is everything. This was not the time. All grocery stores do this once in a while, but at this time it was very poor judgment.

I would never name the store, but I do have to stop and shop there on a regular basis.

What kind of person would decide to do this to their customers and employees when they are already stressed from the virus? Someone with very poor judgment.

Karin Huskey




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