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Shameful that Cal Thomas stokes baseless fears

Once again, many Republicans and the columnist, Cal Thomas, "Preparing for the next terrorist attack," (Sept. 10) have taken to immigrant bashing − stoking all the stereotypical fears such as accusing immigrants coming across the southern border or arriving from Afghanistan to be potential terrorists or carriers of coronavirus. This right-wing position is downright hypocritical for two reasons:

First: Immigrants are screened for COVID-19 and for the most part vaccinated. There is no evidence they are bringing the virus into the U.S. If Republican-led states are so worried about COVID-19, they should consider getting vaccinated instead of letting their hospitals be overwhelmed with COVID patients.

Second: Republicans and Thomas strongly criticized President Biden for not helping more Afghans leave their country. Now, they criticize Biden for bringing them to the U.S. because they might be terrorists. All immigrants to this country are screened and there is no difference for Afghans. Would Cal Thomas prefer they stay in Qatar or Germany?

Lastly, Cal Thomas is also stoking more specifically Islamophobia. He implies in his article that the alleged Texas terrorist Imran Ali Rasheed is an immigrant. He conveniently forgot to mention that Rasheed was born in Texas and thus an American citizen.

Dr. Robert Perry




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