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Texas is way ahead of the nation

Regarding “Shame on Texas,” (Sept. 5), by Leonard Pitts Jr.

Less than two years after the evil Roe vs. Wade "law" was passed, doctors everywhere were already busy killing babies for huge profit.

Shortly thereafter, a group of young mothers, and even fathers, with babies in strollers and toddlers in hand, began peaceful demonstrations near abortion clinics.

L+M Hospital, which was where many of our babies were born, was soon to take a vote on whether to allow the practice there. We forwarded hundreds of signatures of people who opposed this horrible act to managers, supervisors, and other staff at the hospital.

The day of the vote, we walked quietly, somberly, outside the hospital.

Finally, the vote, which defeated the horrible act, was announced. It had not been passed by a very small margin of physicians and some who voted for it came outside, and bellowed at us, warning that the next vote, the bill would stand.

It was a small victory at the time because we considered this our “family hospital.”

Now, the “practice,” if you will, is done everywhere. Not only that, fetal tissue is extracted from the womb and set aside to be sold. Does that sound something like Nazi Germany?

Texas has always been way ahead of the nation in their ideals.

Carole M. Botseas



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