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Texas uses Gestapo like tactics

As a product of our seditionist ex-president’s actions adopted by the Republican Party, they have continued their attempts at destroying our Constitution and democracy. After stewing for many days, I truly have to wonder about state’s rights. The Texas Legislature, while destroying the Constitutional right to choose, has also given bounty hunters a bad name. The state is now offering up to $10,000 to those who will act like those who gave up Jews to the Nazis!

In 1940 the Nazis offered the 7 Gilders, about $3.00 in today’s dollars, for identifying Jews within the Netherlands to be exterminated. Sadly, too many acquiesced and sold their souls. In the not so distant past China’s one-child policy authorized sterilization and in some cases forced pregnant women to have abortions.

This law is nothing less than an appalling Gestapo like tactic! Look how far this country has deteriorated! Americans will be in serious danger in the near future if we do not open our eyes and smell the destruction of democracy. Integrity is easily lost but very difficult to regain!

Bill Culotta

Old Lyme


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