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Kevin Seery is a true leader

There is no “I” in team … or in East Lyme Leaders.

We all know it is important for all members of a team to work together to make a plan successful. It is especially important for the leader to support and not undermine the team in their efforts. With this in mind it pains me when I watch a candidate for East Lyme first selectman introduce herself at a special Town Meeting as “… Board of Finance chair” and then advocate that the motion recently approved by the Board of Finance not be approved by the town because an alternate plan might be better. Maybe if she did not identify herself as Board of Finance chair this would not be seen as undermining what she previously characterized as “my Board of Finance,” but this is the myopic, one-sided leadership used by some in Washington and not appropriate for an East Lyme town leader. We need to stop the spread of hyperpartisan chaos in Washington and pull together in East Lyme. Kevin Seery uses his strong leadership skills and experience to pull people together and find solutions. He works with everyone to ensure successful completion of the plan. That to me is appropriate leadership.

Bill Weber

East Lyme 


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