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Ledyard Dems will take on tough problems

Local elections tend to generate the least attention but have the biggest impact on our everyday lives. Many pressing issues face Ledyard, such as: why does Ledyard have the highest mill rate, but the lowest cost-per-student rate, in our area? We are shortchanging both our taxpayers and our students.

For many years, Ledyard has missed opportunities to invest in our infrastructure and economic development. For years, residents have paid high taxes with no relief in sight. We need the right leadership on Town Council to enable change.

Fortunately, the Democratic candidates have the necessary experience and vision. Bill Saums and Mary McGrattan bring their critical institutional knowledge. Incumbent Hilary Evans has a deep understanding of planning and zoning from years serving on town commissions. Naomi Rodriguez also brings a wealth of knowledge from her recent term on the BOE and many years serving on town commissions. Nicole Cruz-Glacken is a dynamic change-maker who will ask tough questions, bring fresh ideas, and help our town attract more business that will offset our crushing property tax burden.

On Nov. 2, we get to decide who will answer our tough questions. Be sure to vote, so your opinion is counted.

Josh Torchia

Gales Ferry


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