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Seery treats everyone with respect

I am a life-long Democrat but although my party affiliation has a strong influence on how I vote nationally, when it comes to local elections I consider the person, not the party. I have lived in East Lyme for over 75 years, I was educated here as were my children and my grandchildren; my husband was involved in Democratic politics for over 25 years. Therefore, I care very deeply about the quality of life in my town.

I feel strongly that our town is best served if Kevin Seery is our next First Selectman. The traits I believe make for a good leader are decency, honesty, concern for the welfare of others, a calm and reasoned approach to issues, and a genuine love of our community. I see Kevin displaying all those traits. It is not a political power thing with him; it is a genuine concern for us, the people of East Lyme. In local politics, it is the person who matters. Kevin always has and will continue to treat everyone with respect, hear opposing opinions, which he will easily hear since he is everywhere all the time, and use his well-honed clear-thinking skills to make decisions for our town’s quality and future. He has never just talked the talk, he walks the walk.

Sally Cini



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