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Are we out of time?

In discussions about climate, one often hears: We are out of time. Connecticut has aggressive emissions reduction goals — net zero by 2050. To act on this Hartford, Bridgeport, Bloomfield, Middletown, New Britain, New Haven and Stamford, as well as the SCCG, have passed climate emergency resolutions. These reflect actions of concerned citizens to help cities protect our communities while ensuring a good quality of life for all facing climate change. The state needs to pass such a bill, and this is being proposed by our volunteer climate group. America needs a price on carbon emitted from fossil fuels, including a carbon cash-back. Reps. Himes and Hayes co-sponsored the Energy Innovation Carbon Dividend Act (HR2307), and Senators Murphy and Blumenthal co-sponsored the Save Our Future Act (S2085). These apply a carbon tax on fossil fuels, protect American businesses with adjustments, send monthly carbon dividend checks to citizens ensuring lower income households are not penalized, and addresses environmental justice. It is critical to include carbon pricing in the Reconciliation Bill. We cannot meet emissions reductions targets without it. Are we out of time? No. But we are pretty close.

Roger Kuhns




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