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Due diligence needed on waterfront proposal

How was The Day's Editorial Board able to write the recent piece, “Make City Pier New London’s centerpiece,” (Nov. 15) promoting New London's waterfront development without mentioning David Hancock or his Advanced American Engineering? Or for that matter his partner in some of his ventures, The Crest Group? I have been attempting to research some of the projects mentioned by Mr. Hancock, without much success.

As a 1962 graduate of Red Bank, New Jersey, high school, I spent many a summer day on the beach at Sea Bright. So that caught my eye from Mr. Hancock's material, and I have not found much yet to see. While he did mention that they were in the "permitting stage" I am by nature somewhat skeptical. Please, city fathers and mothers, and Day reporters — much due diligence and open discussion is needed.

Katharine Hill

New London



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