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Congress continues to obstruct

I was disgusted to watch the House of Representatives discuss censuring Rep. Gosar for his nasty, immature, malignant and inappropriate cartoon depicting killing other members of the House and attacking the President. The fact that only two Republicans stood up to say it was wrong is equally frightening. Rep. McCarthy's speech did not address the behavior but was another of his diatribes against the opposing party. Can they not see the act of Mr. Gosar as wrong?

The party of "Lincoln, law and order and Reagan" seem to be confused. I do not believe that either Lincoln or Reagan would condone this behavior and treatment of another citizen or member of Congress. They certainly would not condone ignoring subpoenas from Congressional hearings, storming the Capital or just being anti everything the other party suggested just to be on the opposite side.

This country would benefit from our representatives listening to the other side, discussing differences and working to come to a consensus. Both parties were elected to do our business, not theirs and to work for us, not themselves, their party or past office holders.

Be Americans, not partisans or obstructionists for a change.

Alan Armstrong



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