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COVID numbers going in wrong direction

In the middle of June, per capita cases of COVID in New London County stood at .6 per 100,000 residents. As of today, there are 33.5 cases for every 100,000 people. We have an increased transmission rate, and 4.1% of COVID tests are positive.

Connecticut, like the rest of New England, will soon go from a medium risk to a very high-risk level. New London County is already there, as are Windham and Litchfield counties. Breakthrough cases are increasingly common.

Would someone explain to me how local officials and some community organizations think this is a good time for further opening up? Given the data, can anyone seriously say that the numbers are going in the right direction?

 For those who shun vaccination, do not believe this is a real health crisis, feel mask mandates violate our liberty, or think government has no role in public heath, the opening up is a good thing. But for those people who take this pandemic seriously, and think it will take a concerted effort to push back on COVID, please drop the wishful thinking and develop strategies based on data not artificial dates or unfounded hopes.

Nicolo Festa

New London


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