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'Antisemitic conspiracies only encourage violence and hate'

What was the reasoning for The Day’s reckless decision to platform an antisemitic conspiracy theory that has formed an ideological basis for multiple mass shootings in recent years?

One does not have to search far for coverage by both news and anti-hate organizations of how the George Soros conspiracy theory is simply a repackaging of centuries old anti-Jewish tropes.

Regardless of how one feels about billionaires or the influence of money in politics, there are ways to discuss this that do not actively put members of our community in danger by platforming dog whistles that are so well documented as to essentially just be whistles at this point.

We know, in recent years, that the Tree of Life shooter was directly influenced by this very conspiracy and evidence suggests the Poway and El Paso shooters were as well.

George Soros will never see this letter, but our Jewish neighbors will.

There is a difference between providing an open forum for everyone to discuss matters of importance and amplifying misinformation that puts our Jewish neighbors at risk.

I hope The Day can do better in the future; antisemitic conspiracies only encourage violence and hate. Our Jewish neighbors deserve better than this kind of editorial conduct.

Craig Guild




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