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Don't let your children be muzzled

Front and center photos showing children 'all masked up,' under the auspices of keeping us/them 'safe,' appeared in this newspaper several times recently (Nov. 14, 16, 17), prompting me to address this on-going fiasco.

The masks — those filthy, disgusting, germ-ridden things we are supposed to put over our mouths and noses. The ones we take on and off all day long, stuff into our pockets or purses, wrap around our wrists or hang from the rearview mirror.

The masks that will save us from humanity.

Beyond the physical impairments, the psychological negative impact of masks is immeasurable. This applies to all, but especially our children. Manipulation and intimidation via fear mongering has gone on for 20 months. The disseminating of data to produce a fear-based society afraid to make a move without the 'experts' directing how to live and think, the fear factor and focus on death; THIS is the contagion we should all be concerned about — our children are being infected daily.

Parents, take a good, hard look. You are allowing your children to be muzzled like rabid dogs.

Speak up — it must stop!

Donna Gorman





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