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Business-owned STRs ruin neighborhoods

Firstly, many of us opposed to STRs are only opposed to operating STRs as a business, not the resident who lives in the home where a room or rooms are rented out. ("Let's regulate, not ban, short-term rentals," Nov. 26).

At the Nov. 9 Groton Town Council meeting, which The Day did not cover, we learned that out-of-state corporations have bought homes for the purpose of renting them on the Airbnb platform.

Anyone may pay more than they are worth when they can easily recoup enough profit to do so. Such ownership corrupts a neighborhood by sharing it with people who do not care to behave as a resident who lives here would and puts that property out of reach of a potential buyer and permanent neighbor. These places are simply hotels masquerading as STRs.

Secondly, we have seen the attempt at regulation, as proposed by the ordinance before the council Nov. 9. Most spoke against it. It merely registered STRs and had no meaningful features. It was a sophomoric attempt at regulation and read as if an STR owner had written it.

We are putting moneyed interests above community to the detriment of our quality of life.

Bruce McDermott



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