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If Mason was a war criminal so were many others

After reading the op-ed, “We must learn to live with our complex history,” (Nov. 29) by Marcus Mason Maronn, I concur with his assessments. I do not concur with Rodney Butler’s statement that John Mason was a war criminal, “Region’s tribes advocate for John Mason statue’s removal from State Capitol,” (Nov. 18). As an amateur history buff, I read a book, “The Handy History Answer Book.” The book provided information on all the empires and individuals that changed history. You could conclude (in today’s thinking) that the empires/individuals were all war criminals. That includes the American Indians that wiped out other tribes/nations (note: people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones).

If true, as stated by Mr. Maronn, that Connecticut Senator Osten is recommending review of all other founders' statues, no doubt they will be removed because no one is perfect. My question to Senator Osten is: if you were elected to the U.S. Congress would you recommend that the Washington, Jefferson, and Lincoln monuments be removed?

Stephen Snyder



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