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Will Stefanowski offer solutions?

Re: "Bob Stefanowski opens 2nd race for Connecticut governor," (Jan. 19)

So, is Bob Stefanowski going to tell Connecticut voters "how they are going to keep the lights on, gas up their car, [and] get a simple COVID test without waiting in line for hours"? Does he have a plan for our state this time around?

It is time for Mr. Stefanowski to offer solutions, not just criticize whatever Ned Lamont is doing.

Once again, Mr. Stefanowski brings to mind the famous Will Rogers' quote: "There is nothing as easy as denouncing. It don't take much to see that something is wrong, but it takes some eyesight to see what will put it right again."

How is your eyesight, Mr. Stefanowski?

William Hoelzel



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