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Mayhem ahead for Democrats

Paul Choiniere hit the nail on the head. ("List with Joe and Jahana show Democrats' dilemma," May 1)

The Democrats are in trouble, as challengers to Joe Courtney and Johanna Hayes could result in them both being unseated. In 2022, it was mentioned that Courtney has delivered for Electric Boat and the sub base. Well so did Rob Simmons, Sam Gejdenson, and Bob Steele before him. Two Republicans and a Democrat.

As far as Mike France's qualifications, he was in the submarine service so I would guess that he is qualified to serve on the sea power and armed forces committees. Plus, the Democrats are not exactly enamored with President Biden or Vice President Harris as their nominee in 2024. Like they did in 2020 they can throw out names like Oprah, Avenatti, deBlasio, Warren, Booker. Anybody but Joe!

Let us get ready for an entertaining two years of political mayhem from the Democratic party.

Peter Deveau



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