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Mediator not the answer for Groton council

We all know how dysfunctional The Groton Town Council is. They do not listen to the community, cannot vote for their own mayor within the group without allowing their racist views affect them and propose unreasonable projects that everyone disagrees with.

To make matters worse, they decided to hire a mediator for their Town Council meetings because they are not competent enough to manage a meeting. So, what does "Town Manager" John Burt do? If they cannot manage a meeting themselves, how can we expect them to manage the $8 million in TARP funds from the federal government?

So, what were the results of the Community Survey for these funds?

This is the same Town Council that ignored the leading council member votes — #1 and #2 (Portia and Aundre Baumgardner) and did not allow one of them to become mayor. Rachel Franco voted for herself every round of voting.

If this group cannot manage, they should step down and let someone else do their jobs. This includes "Town Manager" John Burt. We should not pay for a mediator.

Kevin Bogle



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