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Let's not return to day of 'religious tyranny'

Separation of Church and State made America what it was, the hope of the world. It was the foundation for our “four freedoms,” especially feardom from fear.

Americans who believe a cell at conception has rights equal to a living person have the right to believe it. They can have as many children as God gives them whether they want them or can care for them. No law stops them.

I fear if we give them the right to impose their beliefs on everyone they are giving us the religious tyranny and theocracy the Pilgrims were escaping from Europe.

A pregnancy can be a joy or a tragedy for a woman and family. The circumstances are so varied no law is just in all situations.

It is an existential decision for a woman. Government is simply the wrong instrument to make this decision.

This issue has been used by the right to divide us for too long. We all as Americans, Democrats and Republicans, want the right to life and the right to live.

Eva Aldrich



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