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Protect Prentice Williams Road water and wildlife

As a homeowner on Prentice Williams Road, “Virginia firm proposes to build energy storage facility in Old Mystic,” (May 11) got my immediate attention. PWR is a narrow dead-end country lane with undeveloped woodlands, houses, a vineyard, and a colonial era farm along the ridge line of Quokatogue Hill. Safety and environmental concerns make this a bad idea.

Safeguarding our drinking water is important. The land on the east side of Prentice Williams Road is zoned GBR-130 to ensure less dense development in the watershed of Copps Brook that feeds the Dean’s Mill Reservoir. There is a reason lithium ion batteries are not allowed in checked airline baggage.

Lithium ion batteries can overheat and ignite, release toxic substances, and start fires. This heavily wooded site is in a green space extending north to Rte. 184, East to Al Harvey Road and south to Pequot Trail, all in public water supply watershed. In the hot dry months of summer, a lithium ion battery fire could ignite a large forest fire and contaminate groundwater for years.

Energy storage is important, but it makes sense to put it where Eversource already has supporting infrastructure, available space, and where environmental risks are minimized.

Bruce Littman



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