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A groundless attack of Dr. Fauci

The Day cartoons often depict views I disagree with, but they are usually witty with a modicum of face validity, not a humorless rant. The cartoon published Sunday, May 15 is just the rant. It is a malicious attack on Dr. Fauci and his messages — basically, “Why do we have to deal with COVID, anyway? Punish the messenger and it will go away."

In the cartoon, Dr. Fauci wants to shut out contrary opinions. Throughout the many years of his career, I have never heard him say anything to justify this. In this case, “contrary opinions” is code speak for COVID disinformation. The cartoon implies that an “opinion" on taking horse deworming pills for COVID is good and vaccines are bad is somehow as valid as the “opinion” that the exact opposite is true, even though the former comes from a conspiracy theory website, the latter from multiple peer-reviewed scientific publications.

The cartoon is not an "opposing opinion." It is an attack on science, and a deeply offensive one at that. You owe everyone in the entire medical profession and all of your readers an apology. What were you thinking?

Dr. Ethan Weiner

East Lyme


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