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The guns! The guns!

The mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas, has made us say, "yet again.” Similarly, we must ask ourselves if we have any realistic hope of seeing an end to this weekly killing. I learned that the Gun Violence Archive cited this as our 213th mass shooting of the year, and that Journalism Education Week indicated that it was the 27th school shooting of the year.

While the role of mental health issues has been constantly emphasized, it is difficult to believe that underlying concern explains all of these attacks. Yet, our lawmakers seem incapable of bipartisan cooperation to generate any viable means to control this senseless gun violence. While I respect the 2nd Amendment and the right to bear arms, does it justify the purchase of weapons with no other purpose than mass shootings, particularly by someone who purchased them on their 18th birthday? I cannot help wondering what would happen if we had a mass shooting of the children or grandchildren of our lawmakers. Do you think that might stir them into action? While I would not wish that tragedy upon anyone, it seems crucial that our lawmakers should have some realistic concern for those parents who will never see their children again.

Dr. Raymond B. Johnson



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