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Ignoring Jan. 6 won't make it go away

I just read the column by Cal Thomas, and I am not surprised by what he wrote, but I am sad. I watched on Jan. 6 with my jaw dropping, as I have never have seen anything like that happen in my lifetime in this country. People died due to this horrible day — people that were trying to defend your freedom Mr. Thomas! People need to be held accountable for their actions. Do you realize that if these insurrectionists had succeeded in their quest, hanging Mike Pence, kidnapping Nancy Pelosi, and doing far more harm than what was actually done, you would not have to worry about inflation (which is happening worldwide, not just in the U.S.) because we would no longer be in a democracy.

You would not be writing editorials because there would be no free press. It seems you are the one choosing to deflect and not address what is most important: saving our democracy for Republicans and Democrats alike. Suggesting that people change the channel is so wrong. Shouldn’t people be watching so they can decide for themselves what really happened? Ignoring something does not make it go away.

Judy Packer Plouffe



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