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The Day avoids bigger issues in Fox News editorial

I received a call on Sunday from a friend asking me if I had read the Editorial on the Opinion Page of the Day, June 20? I had not but did read it. ("How Fox News is betraying America — even Trump supporters.")

Regarding the editorial comments, it is obviously an anti-Trump diatribe. Did The Day know that thousands of illegal immigrants are pouring across our southern border? Did The Day ever consider these illegal immigrants may be carrying infectious diseases and are being bussed all over our country? Did The Day know that because of the president's policies, inflation is running rampant in our country raising the price of just about everything we buy? Did The Day know it is almost impossible to buy a pharmacy medication not made in China? I was surprised to find most of the prescription medications we buy in our pharmacies, even from the military, come from China. This seems very dangerous to me.

I think these issues should be resolved before we start attacking Fox news for things that have a rather small effect on our daily lives.

W. R. Antonowicz




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