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It's never too early to shop for Christmas

I know it's a little early in the season.

After all, President Donald Trump hasn't even pardoned his first Thanksgiving turkey. (There may be more pardons coming, as the Mueller grip tightens.)

Still, I can't resist doing a little work on my Christmas shopping list. You can never start too soon.

Just ask Republicans in Congress, who are racing to get a middle-class tax increase, wrapped in a big red ribbon of tax cuts for the rich and multinational corporations, on President Trump's desk before Christmas.

Here are some ideas for Christmas gifts for our movers and shakers around here, whether or not they've been moving and shaking enough this year.

Of course, since it's early, things might change. It's never too late for stocking coal.

For New London Mayor Michael Passero, how about something he can regift.

After all, the mayor has been in not-so-secret talks with Connecticut College President Katherine Bergeron to negotiate payments in lieu of taxes from the school to the city.

This being that time of year, maybe the mayor could use some help gifting something that might help butter up the president.

For the directors of the flailing National Coast Guard Museum, I would suggest money, lots of it.

I haven't heard a peep from museum officials by way of the $13 million in new donations they promised to announce by the end of the year.

One wonders how many delays, year after year, can be notched by museum planners, before we should consider the project dead.

For Philip Smith, the police chief from Roswell, N.M., who lent window dressing to the notion that the fix wasn't in to name acting New London police Chief Peter Reichard to the permanent job, by participating in the city's strange public audition, a thank you gift is in order.

Maybe some kind of game would be good, since Smith was such a good sport.

For the chairmen of the Mashantucket Pequot and Mohegan tribes, something by way of consolation might be good, since it appears now plans for their East Windsor casino are dead.

I guess gift certificates for the new Springfield MGM casino would be mean. This might be another on the list where just money would be good.

For Connecticut Republicans in the General Assembly, I think a good, simple budget opener will be appropriate, because it looks like they must keep opening and backfilling to stop new torrents of red ink.

For Gov. Dannel Malloy, maybe a nice "I told you so" tie he can knot on every time they reopen the budget. This might be his favorite part of his last stretch in office.

For Lt. Gov. Nancy Wyman, I would suggest a nice bouquet after she dodged a bullet in deciding not to try running on Malloy's record.

For state Sen. Art Linares, how about a little Trump doll. After all, he's going to find it hard to escape his loyalty to the unpopular president, as he searches for a higher office to run for.

I think a toy football for Sen. Chris Murphy is a good way to remind the senator of his noble aim to try to take away the ability of this or any president to launch a pre-emptive nuclear strike.

The toy ball could be a good reminder that the football with nuclear codes should not be used for a first strike on one person's whim.

This seems like an especially noble purpose for our junior senator, as our president plays chicken with a nuclear-enabled madman.

And for all those, in this great new post-Harvey Weinstein world of believing women when they make sexual harassment and assault charges against powerful men, a memory enhancer.

Not only is the new year sure to bring new indictments from the Russia investigation, but the women accusing President Trump may also earn their day in court.

For all those who say they believe the women accusing Roy Moore, please remember the Trump victims deserve to be heard and believed, too.

This is the opinion of David Collins.


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