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Millstone contains small hydrogen leak

Waterford – A small hydrogen leak in the Unit 3 turbine building at Millstone Power Station Monday afternoon was quickly identified and the building was evacuated as a “conservative measure,” said Dominion Spokesman Ken Holt.

After the building was evacuated, the leak was isolated and stopped and then access was restored to the building, he said.

Holt said the leak amounted to a small amount of hydrogen gas, but there is a chance that hydrogen can be flammable in high enough concentrations. As a conservative measure, the company evacuated the building and brought in additional fans to get the gas out.

The incident was declared an “unusual event,” which is the lowest of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s four levels of alert classification and the NRC, state and local officials were notified, he said.

The leak was detected around 2 p.m., and the incident was resolved around 4 p.m., he said.

There is no concern to public safety, he said. Unit 3 continued operating throughout the incident, Holt said.



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