Donation will help in purchase of Narcan in New London

New London — The Community Foundation of Eastern Connecticut, in an effort to help save the lives of opioid overdose victims, has donated $15,000 to help in the purchase of Narcan for families of clients at Natchaug Hospital’s Care Plus New London site and the city's first responders.

The funding was announced during a ceremony Thursday at the New London Fire Department Headquarters at 289 Bank St.

Natchaug Hospital will use the funds to purchase Naloxone kits, known commercially as Narcan, for family members of clients who have been treated for opioid addiction and/or overdose, and also will distribute them to New London first responders who will carry them for emergency response.

Narcan prevents opiate overdose death by quickly reversing the effects of the drug. While pharmacies in Connecticut can now prescribe and distribute Narcan and the accompanying kit over the counter, it is expensive and not covered by insurance.

Natchaug Hospital is a member of the Hartford Healthcare Behavioral Health Network.


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