Stonington police charge heroin addict with gunpoint robbery of woman

Stonington — Police arrested a Westerly man Wednesday in connection with a home invasion last week, saying he pointed a handgun to a woman’s head and robbed her of $626 just moments after his friend sold her the marijuana she said she needs to alleviate her multiple sclerosis symptoms.

Jamie L. Corr, 19, of 42 Batterson Ave., Apt. 1 was charged with home invasion, first-degree robbery and second-degree larceny in connection with the Oct. 5 incident in an apartment on Whewell Court.

According to the warrant for his arrest, which police served when they saw Corr in downtown Pawcatuck Tuesday, he admitted to robbing the woman wearing a black ski mask and using a handgun that fires pellets, both of which police recovered from his apartment.

Corr is being held on $200,000 bond after being arraigned in New London Superior Court on Tuesday and was ordered to have no contact with the woman he allegedly robbed. He faces up to 55 years in prison if convicted on all counts.

Over the past two years, Corr has had multiple pending cases and convictions in Rhode Island for breaking and entering, larceny, theft from a motor vehicle, drug possession and possession of stolen goods. Stonington police charged him with third-degree assault and breach of peace earlier this year but the disposition of that case has been sealed.

According to the warrant written by Detective Greg Howard, police received a 911 call from the woman just past 4:30 p.m, saying she had been the victim of a home invasion.

When police arrived, she told them a man wearing a black and red mask with the eyes cut out entered her unlocked apartment. She said the man held a gun to her head and ordered her to hand over her cash. She said she repeatedly asked the man “who are you” but he kept telling her to hand over the money. The man then grabbed the money and ran. The woman was not injured.

A man who lived in the apartment next door said he heard the woman repeatedly yelling at the man “who are you?” and went outside to see what was happening. He told police he saw someone wearing a dark blue hooded sweatshirt running down the stairs and getting into a gray Chevy Silverado Z71 pickup. A landscaper working on the property also was able to describe the truck and saw a man and woman inside it.

As police investigated they noticed a “heavy odor of marijuana” in the woman’s apartment and what appeared to be burnt ends of marijuana cigarettes in an ashtray. The woman told police she suffers from multiple sclerosis and that using marijuana helps suppress nausea and other side effects from the medication she takes. She told police she is authorized to use medicinal marijuana.

Reviewing a Facebook message sent to the victim, police discovered that the woman who sold the alleged victim the marijuana also told her she was robbed while sitting in the truck outside the apartment. When the victim allowed police to look at her text messages from the woman, police noticed one that referenced a possible marijuana sale. It was at this point that the victim admitted to police that she had purchased marijuana from the woman in the truck just before being robbed.

Police were familiar with the woman who sold the marijuana and her mother and found the mother owned a gray Chevy Silverado.

Footage from police surveillance cameras spotted the truck along Route 1 with a woman driving and another man in the passenger seat who police were familiar with.

The next day police located the truck in Westerly. The woman then admitted she was in the truck but was not involved in the robbery and her only intent was to deliver marijuana to the victim. She told police that Corr, who was also in the truck, told her he wanted to rob the woman but she told him not to. When she came out of the apartment, she said Corr ran into the apartment and robbed the woman. The other man was yelling at her to get in the back seat and then Corr came out and they left. Moments later surveillance footage showed the three stopped at the Henny Penny convenience store on Liberty Street. Footage shows Corr carrying the woman piggyback style “as she appears to be talking closely in his ear or kissing him on the cheek,” according to the warrant.

Westerly Police then obtained a warrant to search Corr’s father’s home, where he sometimes stays. When they got to the house, police say Corr admitted to his role in the robbery and showed police the handgun he used and the neck warmer he wore as a mask. Police said the replica Beretta M9, which Corr pointed at the woman, looked authentic.

He told police that he decided to rob the woman on his own, and the man and woman in the truck had no idea of his plan. He said he was a recently relapsed heroin addict and needed money to buy the drug so he would not get sick. He knew the victim had bought marijuana in the past and he believed she had cash and drugs such as Xanax in her apartment.

He said that when he entered the apartment he pointed the gun at the woman and said “I’m not playing, give me the money.”

The other man told police Corr never got out of the truck but admitted he was driving it. The warrant states that it is evident the man and woman aided Corr in leaving the scene and attempting to cover up the crime. The woman and other man have not been charged in connection with the incident.

Police Capt. Todd Olson said that “Stonington and Westerly Police working in concert was critical to the successful outcome of this investigation.”

He added that the efforts of the officers “led to a speedy resolution of a very serious crime.”



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