My Pet Pal: Monty

Hi! My name is Monty and I live with my owners Mark and Tom in New London. I really love my toys, and I’m an expert at ripping them apart. I also love to grab a sneaker or shoe and run around the house when I want to go outside. My owners are the best — they give me lots of love and scraps from the table! But don’t tell my vet that. She says I need to lose a few pounds. I also like to have my belly rubbed, and when I’m really happy I bang my tail on the floor and it sounds like a drum. Life is good!

Mark Robel

New London


My Pet Pal is a reader-submitted feature that highlights local residents and their favorite furry, feathery or scaly friends. Send a photo of you and your pet, along with a short description of what makes them a great companion, your name and what town you live in to Include “pet pal” in the subject line.


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