Kindness in Real Life: A teacher with a ready smile who’s a positive inflence

Grasso Tech’s Sara Wilson (photo submitted)
Grasso Tech’s Sara Wilson (photo submitted)

High school was an interesting time for all of us, no matter how long ago it may have been. The growing pains and awkward years were something none of us could escape.

We were always told to enjoy the moment because high shool would be over before we’d know it. We can all think back to countless memories, embarrassing stories and maybe some mischievous behavior.

Teachers, principals and mentors influenced us in many ways. Some we liked, others we loved and maybe a few we weren’t too fond of.

If you got lucky, you might have gotten a “cool” mentor, someone who would take a second to listen. The good ones always knew how to relate to you and make you feel valued, worthy and that high school didn’t have to be THAT BAD.

They taught us life lessons with funny stories and bits of guidance and advice that could be given only from someone who truly cares.

Unfortunately not all teacher and mentors could make that special and unique connection with us. But Sara Wilson at Grasso Tech has had the pleasure of seeing many new freshmen become old graduating seniors time and time again over the past 11 years.

The bond she creates with the students is one I wish I had with a mentor during my high school years.

I have personally seen the interactions she has with students, and they are like no other. Her kind heart and good nature need to be noticed.

Everyone deserves to feel special, so now it is her turn! The kids at Grasso Tech thank you for being the “cool” mentor, security guard, substitute, and above all friend.

Here are some kind words from two students this year:

“Mrs. Wilson is a very kind hearted person and doesn’t take crap but she does give second chances because she has a very big heart. She is the type to make sure you know you are special and loved. She is always there for people and is a great listener. Having someone like her in your life is a gift. There are not very many people left in the world like her. She is one of a kind and should be cherished. Everything about her is just amazing. She is strong, independent, caring and an all around amazing person. She has taken the time to make sure we are all safe and happy and for that we thank her.” -Natalie MacCulloch, 9th grade, 2018

“Mrs. Wilson, one of the greats. She was always there during the good times and there to help during the bad times. Full time security officer, substitute teacher and therapist! I only had the pleasure of getting to know her for my senior year, but she always had a smile on her face which put one on mine.” -Allen Munton, 2018 Grasso Tech graduate

And here is a note from an administrator as well:

“Sara has been such a positive influence on the kids...always willing to listen...her heart is always on the side of the student...even when the hard line has to is done with love.

“It’s a honor to call Mrs. Wilson not just a co worker..but friend. Grasso is blessed with are all who know her!” — Janet Preston, head of plant operations, 2018.

Courtney Wilson is a 2008 graduate of Fitch High School and Sara Wilson’s daughter.


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