In the Times: A chance to say how much you like us

I sometimes refer to The Day as “the National Public Radio of local newspapers” because, like NPR, we are dedicated to filling a public trust.

The unusual Bodenwein Trust arrangement allowing The Day to maintain its independence while also contributing money to nonprofit causes is what first attracted me to the New London-based daily newspaper and what has kept me here for nearly four decades with an understanding that our work is never tainted by the drive for huge commercial profit.

But we still need to pay salaries of writers, editors and designers and keep printing newspapers, an increasingly difficult chore in an era of 24/7 news and internet competition, not to mention rising newsprint costs. So we have decided to mimic the success we have had with the Madison-based Shore weekly newspapers, which instituted a “voluntary pay” program a few years back.

We are asking Times readers to volunteer contributions for their otherwise free paper. Today, and again on Oct. 18, we will have an insert in the Times publications that are mailed to non-subscribers of The Day.

We have taken a great deal of time over the past year and half to reach out the community and put out a better paper. Please take a moment to think about how much that means to you, but know that whatever you decide, your Times paper will keep you informed every week about goings-on in your town without interruption.

We thank you for your continued interest in your community and the Times.

Lee Howard, The Day’s community editor, is in charge of eight Times newspapers in southeastern Connecticut.


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