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In the Times: Making changes to better serve the readers

At the Times, we’re always ready to respond to your interests and needs. So over the past couple years we have made subtle changes to the paper that we hope will make the Times more interesting and easier to read.

One of the recent changes is our attempt, whenever possible, to “jump” stories as little as possible, and when we do continue stories from one page to the next we try to do so on adjoining pages.

This applies to front-page stories as well. Wherever possible, we jump from the front to page 2, figuring that makes stories easier to find.

We also changed our placement of calendar pages recently, usually trying to anchor the list of events on page 3, again because it is easier to find. On page 3, you will also discover the box that tells you how to reach the news staff as well as advertising personnel (and please note that our opt in/opt out contact information remains on the cover for your convenience).

We have made other refinements as well, trying to get important briefs onto the first two pages, reaching out for more local sports and school information and generally becoming more responsive to community groups that send us photos and information (I actually scan Facebook daily, often requesting information that is posted there related to our communities).

We really appreciate the time you take to correspond with us and make suggestions. Your ideas have led us to add a Friends & Neighbors feature, as well as regular Kindness in Real Life and Be an Angel items that connect nonprofits to the communities they serve. In addition, we have brought on new columnists and are strengtening the voice of our youngest readers with a young journalist initiative and Teen Talk column.

Every so often, I get a call or note from someone complimenting our new, stronger format, and it is good to hear many of you are noticing. We continue to reach out with meetings in local libraries, and I hope to set up one in the near future to focus on how organizations and individuals can get their photos in the paper.

We have a lot of good photography submitted by the public, but we could always use more!

So please take the opportunity to stay in touch and give us ideas for how to get better. You can reach both me and assistant editor Amanda Hutchinson by emailing Amanda keeps track of all the calendar items and most of the briefs, so she’s a good person to get to know if you are doing publicity.

Here at the Times we like to connect you with all your community resources, and we can get better only with your help. So think of the Times, not Facebook, first when considering publicity for the accomplishments of your organizations and family members!

Lee Howard is community editor of The Day.


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