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Be an Angel: Small dog sought for Oscar after attack

Oscar, the golden retriever featured in the Times’ Be An Angel feature Oct. 10 that sought a pooch playmate, is still seeking a companion — but not because readers didn’t respond.

In fact, Oscar’s owner, Alena Tocker of Groton, reported that she received no less than 131 calls from people offering to have their dogs serve as Oscar’s new friend (Oscar’s best buddy Jake recently died of cancer).

“I would like to thank all the wonderful people who called me to offer a friend for Oscar,” Tocker wrote.

Unfortunately, a few days before the article arrived at people’s mailboxes, Oscar was attacked by another dog. The incident left Oscar traumatized to the point that he no longer trusts large dogs.

“I thought that company of another golden retriever will be ideal ... not so,” Tocker wrote. “Oscar rejected him. When he sees a little dog he is very happy and playful again.”

So now Tocker has requested that anyone with a small dog call her to provide a companion for Oscar.

“I have a large fenced yard in Groton and I am offering free day care for a smaller dog,” she said.

Interested dog owners can call Tocker at (860) 445-9409 before 6 p.m.

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