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A second COVID-19 case reported in New London, first in Preston

New London — Mayor Michael Passero on Monday confirmed a second New London resident has tested positive for COVID-19, and Preston First Selectwoman Sandra Allyn-Gauthier reported the town's first case on Monday.

The unidentified New London patient was transported to the hospital by fire department personnel from a Farmington Avenue location.

Allyn-Gauthier said the Preston person is between 30 and 40 years old, has not been hospitalized and does not live in a long-term care facility.

“We have been expecting for some time that a Preston resident would become infected with COVID-19, so hopefully this does not come as a surprise,” Allyn-Gauthier wrote in a note on the town website home page. “Town officials, first responders and Uncas Health District staff have been working closely to plan and prepare for the presence of COVID-19. Residents should continue to protect themselves by practicing social distancing, washing hands and all other precautionary measures recommended by the CDC, Uncas Health District and our Governor’s Executive Orders.”

Passero did not provide any further details about the New London individual.

Ledge Light Health Director of Health Stephen Mansfield, in an email, said that when LLHD becomes aware of a new case, the chief executive officer and emergency medical director of the municipality are notified of the age and gender of the patient.

“We conduct follow-up investigations, including contact tracing, as appropriate,” Mansfield wrote in the email. “We do not provide any additional information on cases, as that information is confidential. We no longer issue press releases, because it should be assumed that all individuals may be infected with COVID-19.”

Uncas Health District Director Patrick McCormack could not be reached immediatly for comment on the case in Preston, which is a member of the health district.

DPH is the repository for information regarding cases statewide. For more information visit:


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