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News: In the absence of a vaccine for COVID-19, some have questioned why we can't just open everything up and get herd immunity going. But research from other countries and data from some parts of the U.S. show we're nowhere near the estimated 60-70% threshold necessary for herd immunity, and experts say getting to herd immunity could involve hundreds of thousands of deaths in the U.S.

Daybreak: Kim Abraham, owner of The Kitchen Gallery, spent many mornings walking around New London and Waterford, taking pictures. Then, in the afternoons and evenings, she spent six to 12 hours a day in her garage studio replicating the scenes while placing a solitary duck prominently in the foreground, as if the creature were taking a selfie in various locales.

Business: If history is any guide, once a vaccine has been found and the economic storm has passed, life will return pretty much to the way it was before.

Perspective: The Stonington first selectwoman was caught off guard by the reaction to her response to a controversy in town surrounding the reopening of a barber shop.


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