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Make a Difference: Mother's Retreat

WHO: Haley, a 23-year-old woman.

AGENCY: Mother's Retreat, a Groton-based treatment program run by The Connection that helps pregnant and parenting women in recovery.

FAMILY SITUATION: Haley is an artist who loves to read, ride horses and be outdoors. She is pregnant with her first child, a daughter due in March. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, she has been unemployed and living in a residential program; she is looking for employment and safe, affordable housing. Her goal is to get on her feet, strengthen her vocational skills and obtain higher education. She prides herself on being a hard worker, loving family member and friend, and has a history of volunteering.

WHAT TO GIVE: Weather-appropriate clothing, including size 3 pants, small-sized shirts and jacket, hygiene products for women and babies, and infant clothing, bedding, diapers, baby towels, detergents, infant bath/health items and age-appropriate toys, as well as gift cards for grocery and department stores. Clothing items will support Haley's ability to go on job interviews.

TO DONATE: Contact Mother's Retreat at (860) 405-2107.


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