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Fitch Class President, Xavion Quito

In my many visions, conversations and thoughts about our senior year; this is never how I imagined it. We missed out on so many things that we were really looking forward to, but at the same time missing out on those things brought us closer together. I can honestly say that going through a pandemic during my senior year of high school will be one of the most difficult things that will ever happen to me. However, I had each and every one of you going through the same struggle that I did, making this situation so unique. Our parents always told us stories about them having to walk miles in the snow, rain or shine just to get to school, but they never told us stories about experiencing school through a pandemic; making this an unforgettable year. Everything we’ve been through just made us realize the importance of living life in the moment, and enjoying everything happening around us.

A lesson I learned at Fitch is that perspective is a beautiful thing. We generally project everything happening in our lives as important, so when it doesn’t go our way we get upset about it. That fight we’re having with our friends, the jobs we didn’t get, a test we didn’t do well on, anything we really wanted, but didn't get. Most of it won’t even matter in five, ten years from now. Trust me; it’s hard seeing long term when all we know is now. But listen; I know that we’ll do good in life, all we have to do is believe in ourselves in order to achieve those moments that we’ll never forget.



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