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Three Rivers Middle College, Emily Hirtz's Speech

I remember when my mother first encouraged me to apply to the middle college. Personally, when first given the opportunity to attend this school, I didn’t want to go. Along with several of my peers, I felt that it was a very intimidating change to start out at a new school and leave the familiarity at my previous high school. Despite the difficult decision to commit to another school, I couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunities I was given here to not only excel academically, but to meet my amazing classmates and create lifelong friendships that will remain no matter what path we choose to take in life. As we all pursue our own life paths, the obstacle of leaving those we know and leaving the comfort of our middle college will become a struggle once again, but though at different colleges and jobs in new cities with new people, we will again gain the opportunity for new experiences and personal growth.

If it wasn’t for the amazing opportunities that the middle college offers, my fellow classmates and I wouldn’t be where we are today. Throughout these past two years, we have had the opportunity to take college classes that not only gave a more rigorous education, but gave an opportunity to advance in a way that other high schools don't provide. Being able to build relationships with our amazing TRMC staff and learning with them encourages academic growth, but growth in personal life-skill as well. In my experience, Pam helped me to organize my academic schedule and extracurricular schedule. Karen helped me in editing my essays to apply to different scholarships and colleges. CK helped me to actually understand algebra. Jeff showed me that chemistry can be used to explain real life situations that otherwise seem impossible. Kathleen and Heather have both expanded my horizons socially and academically. Chris has helped me to apply to colleges and encouraged me to reach my full potential in my college classes. Brad has encouraged us all to grow in our learning and created a positive environment for our school. The relationships that we have been able to establish with our teachers allowed for a much easier learning experience, but it also gave me the opportunity to become a more confident and outgoing person at school, as many of my other classmates have expressed as well. No school is perfect, but I’ve truly never found a school that could ignite more change than our school has.

The class of 2021 will go on to excel in whatever path they may choose to take, and by taking strides to pursue their dreams, I pray that success will follow each and every one of my peers, wherever they find their truest happiness.



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