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Your Turn: Hank the mutt will be dearly missed

In 2013, Hank appeared on Channel 3 News with Scot Haney wearing a red bandanna. Hank had lived in a kennel all his life and was scheduled to be euthanized within a week if they could not find a home for him.

Although Hank had been taken home by many families, they always returned him back to the kennel within a few days.

Hank was a mutt; part Chow, Shepherd, Lab and possibly Akita. Living in a kennel all his life did not provide him with any social skills.

Doreen and David Szpyrka had lost their beagle Buttons several years prior. After seeing Hank on TV, they “rescued” him and brought him home.

Upon entering their home, Hank eyed a loaf of bread on the counter. He lunged for the bread and ate the whole loaf, plastic and all.

His new parents took him for walks at 4 each morning and again at night. With the patience and love Hank experienced from his new parents, their children, grandchildren, family and friends he found his forever home.

Hank’s health started failing this year; he had cancer and experienced a lot of pain. At his home, on July 14, Hank’s suffering ended with David rubbing him and Hank licking peanut butter as Doreen held the spoon.

The vet was caring and compassionate; after all, Hank was part of a family who loved him dearly.

We would like to thank all the families who have “rescued” an animal, providing them with a new home and a second chance at life.

Hank’s Aunt Roberta gave his parents an image of him called “Mutts&Bolts.” This will be mounted at his burial place. We love you, Hank.


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