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Casino revenue from slot machines, online gaming was up in December

Southeastern Connecticut’s casinos posted big year-over-year gains in slot-machine revenue in December, largely a reflection of the COVID-19 restrictions that were in place a year ago.

Mohegan Sun reported Monday that it kept $41.8 million in slots “win” after paying out prizes last month, a 29.5% increase over the $32.2 million it kept the same month a year earlier. Foxwoods Resort Casino kept $30.5 million, up from $21.5 million a year ago, a 42% jump. 

Mohegan Sun contributed $11.7 million of its December slots win to the state while Foxwoods sent $7.6 million to Hartford. 

Data posted on the website of the state Department of Consumer Protection’s Gaming Division show that while December, the second full month of online casino gaming in Connecticut, generated more money for the state than November did, revenue from online sports betting declined from month to month. Online gaming sites operated by the casinos paid the state $2.9 million in December, up from $2.5 million in November. Sports wagering offered by the casinos and by the Connecticut Lottery Corp. generated about $930,000 for the state in December, down from about $1.7 million the previous month. 

The casinos’ online sports betting sites collected more wagers than in previous months but paid out a greater percentage in winnings. 

Foxwoods took in $68.9 million in sports wagers and paid out $63.8 million to patrons who placed winning bets. Mohegan Sun collected $63.3 million in wagers and paid out $59.4 million. The lottery took in $11.4 million in bets and paid out $10.5 million. The lottery’s retail sites accepted another $6.5 million in wagers and paid out $6.1 million. 

After deductions for canceled bets, taxes and promotions, Foxwoods’ gross sports-betting revenue in December was $3.2 million. Mohegan Sun’s was $2.6 million and the lottery’s was $561,036. Each paid 13.75% of their gross revenue to the state. 

Foxwoods generated $9.2 million in gross online gaming revenue to Mohegan Sun’s $7.1 million. Each paid 18% to the state.


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