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Sticker shock: Tell us how inflation is changing your lifestyle

Inflation is at a 40-year-high. Costs are soaring. Have you made small or major changes in your lifestyle?

The Day would like to speak with southeastern Connecticut residents about how you're faring with higher prices for groceries, gas, housing and monthly expenses.

We'd like to include many perspectives, from those just entering the workforce and struggling to make ends meet to others who are not employed or able to work right now to older workers delaying their retirement dates.

Are you changing your vacation plans this summer, planning to tolerate a warmer home due to the high cost of air conditioning? Have you visited a food pantry, or applied for government assistance for the first time?

Is all the stress of budgeting affecting your mental health?

In addition to those who are struggling, we also want to share with our readers stories from those who have found ways to stretch their dollars. Are you growing your own food or raising poultry for the first time? Do you have a super-saving strategy in the grocery store?

Please email Day Staff Writer Erica Moser at and put "Inflation" in the subject line or fill out the form below.


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