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Make a Difference: Thames River Community Service

WHO: "Susan" is a single mother of 3. She has 7- and 13-year-old girls and a 9-year-old boy.

AGENCY:  Thames River Community Service Inc.

HER SITUATION: "Susan" works two jobs while attending Three Rivers Community College as a part-time student but barely makes ends meet. She lives in a two-bedroom apartment with her children because this is all she can afford.  While she admits that working two jobs and going to school is "very difficult," she feels it is "the sacrifice she must make" for her children to remain stable and to provide a better future for them.

WHAT TO GIVE:  13-year-old daughter: pants size 14-16 girl, medium tops, size 6 socks, Tracfone, age-appropriate perfume, gift cards for personal items; 9-year-old son: size 7-8 pants and shirts, size 9 socks, art supplies, building crafts; 7-year-old daughter: 10-12 pants and tops, 8-10 Pants, size 8/9 socks, Barbie or baby dolls.  All three children could use twin size bedding as well.

TO DONATE:  Please contact Thames River Community Service Inc. at (860) 887-3288.


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