Births - May 27

Backus Hospital

APR. 21 - A daughter to Kevin and Elizabeth Agan.

APR. 25 - A son to Michael Startz and Elizabeth Heller.

APR. 26 - A son to Henry Golding and Toni Barbera; a daughter to Eduardo Casillas and Dakotah Gill.

APR. 27 - A son to Ya Lin; a son to Evan Ferrando and Tara Aubin; a son to Matthew and Angela Langlais.

APR. 28 - A daughter to Darwin Altamirano and Mirna Carrillo; a daughter to Timothy Wetherbee and Sherri Barrett.

APR. 29 - A son to Samuel Giancarlo and Sharon Frazier.

APR. 30 - A daughter to Eric Ross and Ashley Mejza.

MAY 1 - A son to Matt and Heather Garosshen; a son to Michael and Nicole Hanks; a son to Austin and Eleni Shogren.

MAY 2 - A daughter to Mark and Mary Bender.

MAY 3 - A daughter to Jared and Mary Pennell; a daughter to Steven Pease and Amber Loiacono.

MAY 4 - A son to Matthew Reyes and Billie Jo Durfee; a daughter to Justen Fisher and Kellie Thompson.

MAY 5 - A son to Ethan Muller and Nina Finley.

MAY 6 - Twin daughters to Joaquin Borrero and Jackeline Diaz.

MAY 9 - A son to Heath and Jessica Kowal; a daughter to Anthony and Geraldine Spiegle.

MAY 10 - A son to Brian and Courtney Culpin; a son to Jordan and Kelly Willoughby.

MAY 11 - A daughter to Michael and Kristina Fillie; a son to Albert III and Sylvia Little; a son to Lawrence and Jessica Bertrand; a son to Brett and Amy Halen.

L+M Hospital

APR. 24 - A son to Zachary and Emily Kudlak of Griswold; a son to Allissa and John Leonard III of Noank.

APR. 25 - A daughter to Phillip Suarez and Crystal Arnott of Norwich; a son to Evan and Amber Materas of Voluntown; a son to Ryan and Christa Poitras of North Stonington; a son to Nathan and Heidi Whipple of North Stonington.

APR. 26 - A daughter to David Mitchell and Anna Kate Hadley of Niantic; a daughter to Alpay Dermenci and Angela Puchlopek-Dermenci of East Lyme; a son to Calvin and Nicole Reynoso of Waterford.

APR. 27 - A daughter to Esteban and Jessica Garcia of East Lyme.

APR. 28 - A son to Reid and Melissa Harrington of Niantic.

APR. 29 - A son to Angel Colon and Faloon Fernandez of New London; a daughter to Zahira and Lucas Gonzalez Jr. of Groton; a daughter to Joseph Camerino and Rebecca Ziskind of Colchester.

APR. 30 - A daughter to Wendell Gaston Jr. and Christina Coon of Mystic; a son to Mark and Amanda Scarzella of Ledyard; a son to Christopher Rodman and Ryann Slattery of Stonington.

MAY 1 - A son to Chad and Janina Bromley of New London; a daughter to Michael and Maribeth Finkelstein of East Lyme; a daughter to Brian and Blossom Valda of Groton.

MAY 2 - A daughter to Allan Vargas and Mia Brown of Norwich; a son to Crystal and Johnathan Gardiner Sr. of Pawcatuck; a daughter to Donald and Xeniya Jones of Mystic.

MAY 3 - A son to Jeff and Amanda Bazinet of Uncasville; a daughter to Austin Smith and Nicole Farr of Norwich; a son to Javon Lopez and Liliana Vazquez-Suarez of East Lyme.

MAY 4 - A daughter to Michael and Taylor McMillan of Groton; a daughter to Jason and Sarah Puddy of Gales Ferry.

MAY 5 - A daughter to Paul Winston and Nicole Cruz of New London.

MAY 6 - A daughter to James and Kayla Kelley of New London.

MAY 7 - A daughter to Matthew and Jennifer Dragon of Groton; a daughter to Jason and Brandi Kenny of North Stonington; a son to Jonathan Montalvo and Monique Vega of New London.

MAY 9 - A daughter to Francisco Castillo Jr. and Jamie Lee Payumo of Ledyard; a daughter to Preston and Jewel Speicher of New London.

MAY 10 - A son to Sarah and Frederick Chard IV of Groton; a daughter to Jeffrey Knox II and Lashay Collett-Holmes of New London.


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