Births - June 10

Backus Hospital

MAY 4 - A daughter to Carlos Casillas and Brittany Ellis.

MAY 14 - A son to Brandon and Juli Belair; a daughter to Keith and Katie Bangs; a son to William and Stephanie Phillips; a daughter to Corneilius Wingate and Torey Hubbard; a son to James and Tonya Wynn.

MAY 15 - A son to Craig and Amanda Demars.

MAY 16 - A son to Ean King and Racheal Perry.

MAY 17 - A son to Michael Morin and Mary Therrien; a son to Jessie and Michelle Doak; a daughter to Justin and Brianna Bendik; a son to Zachary and Victoria Spicer.

MAY 18 - A son to Christopher and Sonya Simone; a daughter to David Jr. and Kaitlyn Vacchina; a son to Corby Stedman and Rachel Pratt-Lanoue; a son to Jonathan and Elizabeth Lane.

MAY 19 - A son to Adam McLain and Amanda Czyzewski; a daughter to John and Carrie Valentine; a son to Javier Andujar and Dixie Torres Sanchez.

MAY 20 - A daughter to Malik Morse and Olivia Baribeault.

MAY 21 - A daughter to Christopher and Jacquelyn Ross; a daughter to Robert and Erica Dube.

MAY 22 - A son to Robert, Jr. and Shelby Ross; a son to Samantha Stonick; a daughter to Christopher Palardy and Mary-Kate Aubin.

MAY 23 - A son to Jeffrey and Michele Mahmood; a son to Anthony and Alicia McLaughlin-Lawrence; a daughter to Andrew and Pamela Busey.

MAY 24 - A daughter to Randy and Luz Dickinson; a son to Salman Saeed and Aatika Razzaq; a daughter to Alexander Perdomo and Lizandra Torres; a daughter to Kevin and Michelle Rosati; a son to Seth Gwiazdowski and Brittany Kuhn; a son to Steve Adorno and Rebekka Robinson; a son to Joseph and Juliana Juber.

MAY 25 - A daughter to David and Joanne LaFleur; a daughter to Junior and Rebecca Velasquez; a daughter to Joseph III and Catherine Carignan.

MAY 27 - A son to Joseph Gada and Kaitlyn Brice; a son to David Roode and Amanda Young; a son to Michael and Keri Daoust.

MAY 28 - A daughter to Christopher and Chelsea Goneau; a daughter to Timothy and Melissa Meredith; a daughter to Xavier Ciena and Cynthia Luque; a daughter to Jay Hunter and Courtney Burns; a son to Joseph Toledo-Quinones and Briahni Deschamps.

MAY 30 - A daughter to Shikun Zheng and Jing Jing Chen.

L+M Hospital

MAY 11 - A daughter to Bruno and Sandra Ferreira of New London; a daughter to David and Amy Galloway of Mashantucket; a son to Jonathan Schwarz and Amanda Toler of New London.

MAY 13 - A daughter to Joseph Bennett and Tara Ciccketti-Bennett of Groton; a son to Juan Rivera and Zuleyka Rodriguez of New London.

MAY 14 - A son to Daniel Griggs and Brianna DiMambro of New London.

MAY 15 - A daughter to Joshua Anunciado and Tisha Cura of Mystic; a son to Mark Derks and Rebecca French of Waterford; a daughter to Andrew and Felicia Kurz of Waterford; a son to Carl Roth and Molly McCormick of Old Lyme; a daughter to Miguel Flaquer and Elizabeth Morales of Norwich; a daughter to Colton and Kaitlynn Radcliff of Groton; a son to Nicholas and Doreen Vartabedian of Westerly, RI.

MAY 18 - A daughter to Kelly Alexander of Waterford; a daughter to Justin Daniels and Alexus Gauthier of Ledyard; a son to Charlemagne Raymond and Islande Jean of New London.

MAY 19 - A son to Ryan and Erin McNamara of Waterford; a son to Adel and Blerina Terzic of Waterford.

MAY 20 - A daughter to Kleber Coro and Yeni Peraza Gomez of New London.

MAY 21 - A daughter to Benjamin and Sarah Hansen of Ledyard; a son to Todd Wagner and Amy Munoz of Mystic.

MAY 22 - A daughter to Aaron Craven and Devon Allard of Groton; a daughter to Mariglen Hysolli and Blerina Mancka of New London.


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