Births - Sept. 15

L+M Hospital

AUG. 26 - A daughter to Yong Mei and Haining Sun of Groton.

AUG. 28 - A daughter to Mauro and Jakeline da Silva of Groton; a daughter to Peter and Heather Imbriale of Waterford; a daughter to William and Jessica Rheaume of North Franklin.

AUG. 29 - A son to Michael Cordano and Katie Arendt of Groton.

AUG. 30 - A son to Samuel Nieves Jr. and Christina Bateman of Norwich; a daughter to Andrew Silvia and Andrea Reis-Silvia of East Lyme; a daughter to Cherie and Darren Schofner II of Baltic.

AUG. 31 - A daughter to Phillip Barnhill and India Grayer of Groton; twins, a son and a daughter to Jefferey and Tracy Hooper of East Lyme; a son to Nickolas Robinson and Jocelyn Snyder of Pawcatuck; a daughter to Nicholas and Andrea Wisniewski of Colchester.

SEPT. 1 - A son to Ian Booth and Leann Bailey of New London.

SEPT. 2 - A son to Paul Howard and Tracey Rodriguez of New London; a daughter to Scott and Kelly Vyr of Groton; a son to Tyler and Michelle Williams of Ledyard.

Backus Hospital

JULY 11 - A daughter to Eibar Ortega and Jackeline Rivera.

JULY 12 - A son to Andrew and Amelia Tuck.

JULY 14 - A son to Justin and Kelsey Burrows.

JULY 15 - A son to Bradley and Shannon Boyd.

JULY 16 - A daughter to Christopher Cate and Cassaundraanne White.

JULY 17 - A son to Ashley Walton.

JULY 19 - A daughter to Pamela Perkins.

JULY 20 - A son to Julio Alessio and Kristina Kowalewski.

JULY 21 - A daughter to Tyler Thayer and Jessica Chalecki.

JULY 22 - A son to Joshua and Sarah Armstrong; a daughter to Christopher Kulesza and Zoe Gatch.

JULY 26 - A daughter to Adam and Elizabeth Puccino; a son to Kimchheng Chheang and Srey Peou Khov; a son to Daniel and Melanie Aimetti.

JULY 27 - A son to Adam and Denise Coleman; a daughter to Philip and Jennifer Clerkin; a daughter to Rafael Rodriguez and Alondra Morales.

JULY 28 - A son to Matthew Fox and Shannon Sadosky.

JULY 30 - A son to Richard Jr., and Keri Littlefield.

JULY 31 - A daughter to Rovulson Damis and Katie Reader; a daughter to William Cote and Simone Bouley.

AUG. 1 - A daughter to Dylan and Kaylin Adamec; a son to Philip and Jamison Salva; a son to Dale Scovell and Kelli Russsell.

AUG. 2 - A daughter to Matthew Spruill and Leychelle Staana; a daughter to Harvey and Julie Adams; a daughter to Pedro Vega and Amanda Mercier.

AUG. 3 - A son to Antonio Figueroa and Chelsea Zavistoski; a son to Adam and Allanah Allard; a daughter to Stephen Lyons and Elizabeth Churchill.

AUG. 4 - A daughter to Justin Caras and Jordan Brewer; a daughter to Domingos and Angelica Depina.

AUG. 5 - A daughter to Andrew and Erica Hayward.

AUG. 7 - A daughter to Junar and Glaiza Republica; a son to Brianna Aldridge; a daughter to Scott and Gabrielle McArthur; a daughter to Charles and Carol Dyson.

AUG. 8 - A daughter to Derek Waters and Marla Shelton; a daughter to Joseph Saucier and Sue Burgess.

AUG. 9 - A daughter to Harley Clair and Julie Fisk.

AUG. 10 - A son to Michael Joseph and Polina Dorsainvil; a son to Justin and Ashley Cormier.

AUG. 12 - A son to Casey McLaughin and Blaze Swarr; a daughter to Matthew and Taylor Murphy.

AUG. 13 - A son to Robert McCray and Stefanie Giulietti; a daughter to Allen and Megan Winski; a daughter to John Jennings and Barbie Taylor.

AUG. 14 - A son to Tyrell Wilfong and Jessica Cantara; a daughter to Tyler and Ashley Fleming; a daughter to Scott and Amanda Martell; a son to Alex Boisclair and Tammara Logon.

AUG. 15 - A daughter to Miguel and Sabrina Sarabia; a son to Daniel and Kimberly Frechette; a son to Scott and Cassie Jordan; a son to Jalen Ortiz and Jazlynn Ramos.

AUG. 16 - A daughter to Jason and Audrey Scalaro; a daughter to Melissa and Amber Marceau.

AUG. 17 - A daughter to Michael and Katelyn Brown; a son to Justin Soja and Caitlyn Buchanan.

AUG. 18 - A daughter to Matthew and Kayla Allard.

AUG. 20 - A son to Harry Johnson and Amber Baldwin; a son to Juan III and Sara Garcia.

AUG. 21 - A daughter to Joseph Carbone and Krystal Beaugrand; a daughter to Zachary and Tayler Mineau; a son to Jean Damus and Saschiana Theodore.

AUG. 22 - A son to Matthew and Chelsea MacCracken.

AUG. 23 - A daughter to Scott and Jessica Eggert; a son to Cheyne and Connie Nye.


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