Pfizer donation helps veterans transition from combat to civilian life

Groton — Pfizer has donated 25 refurbished laptop computers to Work Vessels for Vets Inc., a local nonprofit that gives a "hand up" to returning veterans.

The computers will help veterans transition from combat to civilian careers. One computer is already destined to assist an injured soldier, who is enrolled in a college program, to launch a business using drone technology to assess real estate properties in areas recovering from natural disasters. All the computers will assist a veteran in building a company, starting a job, or learning a trade. The only "price" the veteran is asked is to "pay it forward" by hiring other veterans as they grow.

"Work Vessels for Vets Inc. has provided equipment valued at nearly $3 million to more than 1,800 disabled veterans across the nation to aid in their transition to civilian life. Our success is only possible with generous donations from corporations like Pfizer that upcycle refurbished items to help us offer a hand up to our returning veterans," executive director Cathy Cook said.

"This donation is just one more example of the many ways our public-spirited colleagues come together in support of our community," said Chris Chabot, a veteran and Pfizer scientist. "We would like to thank all our partners including Business Technology, who generously arranged to have the computers shipped to Groton for this special donation.


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