Streaming tip: “The Great British Baking Show”

It was some months ago now that my colleague Steve Fagin and I made a deal with each other. He told me that if I watch his newest Netflix obsession, “The Great British Baking Show,” in return, he would watch my favorite, “Stranger Things.” I’ve meandered around that deal for some time now, but last weekend finally decided to give his recommendation a shot. And, boy, is it great! You know how American cook-off shows are typically over dramatic, competitive and cut throat? Well, this show, in proper British fashion, is not. And thank God. In fact, the show is actually pretty calming to watch. Its in-between-scene cuts to green, flowered fields and roaming baby sheep probably help with that. But that isn’t to say there aren’t any tense moments either (what would a cooking show be if there weren’t?). The contestants (there are 12 to begin with) are thrown into incredibly difficult bake-off competitions, where they must dig deep into their own baking knowledge to make bizarre and often vaguely explained recipes all to perfection. Think Baked Alaskans, Poached-Pear Pies and Tiramisu. The highs and lows are sure to keep you captivated along the way, and take heed, watching these wonderful creations take shape will make you hungry.


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